About Us

Joseph Devlin

Joseph Devlin is the founder of Delta Strategies. Mr. Devlin is a strategic leader with over 20 years of experience in government, politics and communications. He has worked for the California State Legislature, local government, as well as the Department of Defense. Mr. Devlin has created and led multimedia effects-based communications campaigns across California and outside the United States. He is experienced in developing collaborative solutions to complex challenges. He provides clients with winning strategies to achieve the legislative and advocacy goals.


Government Affairs

Governments can be difficult and complex systems to navigate. California’s year-round legislature and the never-ending cycle of local government can be a daunting task to manage. Delta Strategies LLC. takes the complexity out of the process by leveraging our experience, working inside and with governments, to connect the dots giving you a path to success. We overlay, our expertise in government and our knowledge of politics to create winning strategies for our clients.


Business Consulting

Working and investing in emerging markets can feel a little bit like stepping into outer space. The traditional systems of business may not yet be fully formed, businesses may be ahead of the law, and it may seem nearly impossible to identify a company’s worth using traditional tools. Delta Strategies help clients who are looking to invest in emerging market or owners looking to make their exit by identify value, conducting due diligence, and negotiating final terms to get a deal done. We use our knowledge of emerging markets and traditional tools to help clients identify accurate and meaningful value.